AMARIT is a premium fruit manufacturer

and exporter based in Bangkok, Thailand. With our processing and packing facilities in three provinces, we can select top quality from each region and supply numberous kinds of Thai fruits to our customers worldwide.

Reaching high-quality fruits, Amarit adopts contact farming in areas where climate and soil best suit the fruit. We set standard and quality control to ensure safe, neutriciuos, and big size fruits. For over a decade, Amarit has gained trust from our customers worldwide.

The Amarit Story

Amarit Foods Company Limited, a subsidary of Amarit Group, was established in 2007 with an objective to provide top quality fresh and healthy agricultural products to the world. We not only supply seasonal fresh fruits but also off-season frozen products.

Our company goal is to supply premium grade fruits at affordable prices. Focusing on quality, we set standards and work closely with our farmers. Our customers from around the world enjoy Amarit’s fruits because they are big, tasty, and healthy!